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When it comes to organising MICE events, iFly Vacations is the best choice for it. No one understands organising a MICE event as it does. A very specialised niche of services is offered while arranging meetings, incentive travels, conferences and events. Following are some of the common services offered:-

Venue Selection

Once the event theme and concept is finalized, the next step is to find out the most suitable venue that suits the requirement and the budget of the event. Our team is anexpert at finding a location that exactly syncs with your theme plan and at the same time is easily accessible by the guests as well as the dignitaries. Further, the tie-ups of our team members help in easily getting the clearances required for conducting an event at the selected venue.

Rooms for the Accommodation of Guests

Since the guests would come from far off places, therefore, providing them a comfortable stay is very important. Along with a comfortable accommodation, our team also takes care of the hospitality of the guests, personally and makes sure that all the essentials required by them are easily available at the venue of accommodation.

Arrangement of Transport

Our team understands the importance of arranging transport for your guests. Since the venue location may be an alien location for the guests, therefore, it is quite important for an executive to be present at the airport, bus-stand, railway station etc. to bring the guests safely and comfortably to the venue. Our team has a track record in delivering a pleasant experience to your guest right from the point they step into the city.

While the transport team starts from the pickup point with guests onboard, the executive remains in touch with the team members responsible for arranging the rooms for the guests. This helps in reducing the turnaround time for the guests to enter their assigned room. Give our team a chance to make you feel proud.

Print Media

Effective communication can be done with the help of print media. Booklets, handouts, signage, cards, badges, kits etc. We have contactswith some of the best print media publishing vendors in India and abroad and therefore we can provide it at a competitive price as well as with outstanding quality. While you hand over your confidential information to us for the print media, be assured of its handling. The team is responsible enough to maintain the confidentiality of the data.

Audio Video Arrangement

A slight fluke in the audio or video during the event can be disastrous. Therefore the technical team makes sure that several rounds of testing are done before the start of the event to ensure a smooth flow of the event. Any issues found while testing are immediately dealt with on priority basis.

Local Sightseeing

Since the dignitaries have come to a new place from their hometown, therefore, it's an obvious thing that they would like to explore the new place. We do make arrangements for the local sightseeing. We tie up with a reliable local travel agent and a guide to make the local sightseeing for the guests a pleasant and a memorable experience.

Exhibition Stalls

The main purpose of exhibiting a stall in a conference is for knowledge sharing. Since some of your partner companies and guest entries would be interested in displaying their stall for the exhibition, therefore we take the onus of arranging the stalls for you. We have tie ups with some of the best vendors and therefore can easily help you out in arranging exhibition stalls with relevant print media.


A well set up meeting room helps in conducting an effective as well as efficient meeting. A well-conducted meeting leaves a good impression on the clients and results out in the favor of the host most of the times. Your success is our motto.

A well-arranged meeting can help in the following ways:-

• Strengthen the professional relationship between you and your existing client and result out in the extension of the deal.

• Helps in motivating the team to achieve higher targets and work for the prosperity of the company.

• Interacting with the new customers and briefing them about your products and services with a motive to sign a deal with them.

Based on the venue and requirements, our team can help you out with the following:

• Hotel Accommodation and Venue Selection Management

• Audio Visual Management – LED Set up and Flex Printing Set up

• Team Building and Team Bonding Games Management

• Transportation Management

• Sightseeing

Incentive Travel

The incentive-based travel has to be a special one. At the end of the day, the purpose of the incentive travel is to boost the morale and enthusiasm of your employees towards the work. Just let us know your budget and we would arrange a venue and itinerary for you. Our professional travel agents will take care of the needs of your employees throughout the journey. We make your top achievers soak with the extra level of excitement to charge them again for the outstanding performance.


Conferences are aspecialized form of meetings where like-minded people participate to discuss a common topic. Researchers, subject matter experts, scholars, professors, industry experts, dignitaries and students take part in such kind of meetings. We take the onus of arranging conferences of any size. No one understands the type of arrangement required for a conference better than us.


You come up with an idea and we will help you in setting an exhibition stall for you in a way that complements your thought for the stall. We have tie ups with some of the best creative personals who can read your mind and convert your thoughts into reality. Based on the venue and requirements, our team can help you out with the following: